Credit Card Terms

Active Engagement, LLC is authorized to initiate debit and credit entries, as well as any necessary correction entries to your account to pay Advertising fees as per the written agreement.

Any charges made under the agreement will constitute in effect a “sales receipt”; and that services were rendered and received. Should you dispute a charge through your credit provider, this will constitute a breach of our agreement and will result in immediate deactivation of all current services.

If a credit card payment to Active Engagement, LLC is refused or revoked for any reason, you are nonetheless liable to Active Engagement, LLC for the amount of the payment in accordance with the written agreement(s) between you and Active Engagement, LLC. If any such withdrawal is dishonored with cause, Active Engagement, LLC shall be under no liability whatsoever, if such dishonor results in late charges or revocation of your card. This authority is to remain in full force and is effective until Active Engagement has received written notification of any payment or termination in such time and in such manner as to afford Active Engagement, LLC a reasonable opportunity to act on it.