Our Story

Active Engagement was founded in 2009 by 25-year fundraising veteran, Richard Norman.  Fundraising is in our blood and is incorporated into everything we do.

The online fundraising riddle has been solved, and we have the keys.  

By implementing our program, ActiveEngagement has built massive email files and raised over $50 million for conservative candidates, political action committees, and 501c3 and 501c4 non-profit organizations in the last few years.

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Who We Are

Our Goals

We are Constitutional Conservatives, and we only work with candidates and organizations who share our conservative values.  Our grassroots programs have helped our clients promote conservative policies at all levels of government, and will continue to provide them with the tools necessary to return power back to We the People.  

All aspects of AE’s products focus on accomplishing three goals: engage supporters, grow the donor base, and raise funds. Whether designing a robust, integrated website, rolling out a time-sensitive landing page, or implementing a comprehensive grassroots communication plan, AE will work with your organization to convey a uniform message across all of your media outlets.

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What We Do

ActiveEngagement by the Numbers:


emails delivered


pieces of copy written


surveys taken


CPACs attended


unique email lists mailed


petitions signed

Amount raised
using GiveWorks






Most money raised on a single email $62,028

Most donors in a day 2505

Most money raised in a day $121,120

Most emails sent in a day 3,265,000