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Founded in 2009, Active Engagement is a cutting-edge, digital political fundraising agency headquartered in historic Leesburg, Virginia.

Combining extensive conservative political fundraising experience with state-of-the-art design and an unparalleled knowledge of the political marketing universe, Active Engagement specializes in digital fundraising, donor acquisition, and data management for pro-liberty organizations and candidates.

As a boutique fundraising and acquisition agency, we are motivated by helping our clients engage supporters, grow their donor base, and net meaningful funds.

Active Engagement has raised more than $50 million for our conservative clients through custom built programs, and we take pride in being innovators who have radically changed the landscape of digital fundraising.


As fundraisers, it’s our goal to understand our clients’ unique needs and develop a tailored approach to help them raise money effectively.

The key ways we achieve these goals are through donor acquisition, digital fundraising, data management, and data brokerage.


Our in-house Creative Team develops hard-hitting house file copy and compelling acquisition appeals.


Our Technology Innovation Team has developed state-of-the-art proprietary fundraising tools to securely capture and efficiently manage clients’ data.


Our strategists use their extensive knowledge of the center-right data universe to find like-minded grassroots supporters and donors for your cause, making sure to maximize your acquisition budget at every opportunity, no matter its size.

As your donor base grows, we employ advanced testing methodologies to increase performance, optimize engagement, and — most importantly — maximize revenue.


Then, if you wish to supplement your fundraising revenue, our top-notch data brokerage team connects you with similar causes interested in reaching your audience.


Active Engagement has worked with leading pro-liberty and conservative candidates, political action committees, and nonprofit organizations for whom we’ve raised more than $50 million.

A sampling of past and present clients includes:

  • the heritage foundation
  • hillisdale college
  • reigniting supporting ted cruz 2016
  • usa convention of states
  • herman cain president 2012
  • the daily wire
  • shapiro report
  • operation rescue
  • ccu
  • family research council
  • tea party patriots
  • adf


We are always on the lookout for creative professionals.